Hey! Hey, Booker! If you can chill, you can grill. Get in that kitchen, boy!
Raven to Booker

Vest in Show is the thirteenth episode and finale episode in Season 1 of Raven's Home and the thirteenth overall. It first aired on October 20, 2017 to 1.27 million viewers.



When Booker has a vision of Raven getting fired from her job during Doggy Fashion Week, he tries to help his mom with her designs.[1]

Full Plot

Raven is working around the clock to complete her designs for Paisley's upcoming Doggy Fashion Week. Booker starts to help with some of the designs. Without putting much thought to it, Booker draws a picture of a plunger with a hat. During the process, Raven admits to Booker that she never really likes designing for dogs. Her dream has always been to design clothes for people. But she had to give it up to make some money to raise her family.

Before leaving to present her designs to Paisley, Raven hugs Booker during which they both get the same vision of Paisley firing Raven. They both freak out but can't talk about their visions. Raven becomes so nervous that on her way out, she drops the design she had made and takes Booker's design instead. Booker tells Levi about his vision. He then notices that Raven left her design behind. He concludes that's why Raven would get fired. So, he takes the design to Raven's workplace. To both Raven and Booker's surprise, Paisley prefers Booker's design over Raven's. She asks Raven to design more. When Booker sticks around to help, Raven lies to Paisley that Booker is her intern (since Raven had previously lied to her that she doesn't have kids). Booker tries to teach Raven how to design like him without thinking but it doesn't work out. To avoid Paisley from becoming suspicious, Raven asks to go design from home. There, Booker makes all the designs.

Unfortunately, Paisley asks Raven to make one of her designs live during the show. Raven tries to get out of it but Paisley insists. So, during the show, Raven gets a huge coverall and hides Booker in it. The plan is to have Raven pretend that she's the one painting while Booker is actually the one painting. However, since Booker can't see, it goes horribly wrong. Things get out of hand when the dogs in the fashion show start smelling the dog food that Booker had kept in his pockets for some weird reason. The dogs come in full swing after Raven and Booker. In the commotion, the huge coverall dress is torn up, exposing Raven and Booker. Everyone is shocked.

Paisley lashes out on Raven in front of everyone. Raven finally gets the courage to confront Paisley. She calls her out for being unreasonable and bossy and disrespectful to her despite Raven being her top designer. She also reveals that Booker is actually her son. And that she has a daughter too. Yes, Booker and Nia are not puppies. They are Raven's tween twins. Paisley is disgusted. Raven quits the job just before Paisley tells her that she's fired. Raven and Booker's vision comes true. Both Raven and Booker agree that they thought Raven would be fired. However, they shy away from the conversation to avoid talking about their visions.

On their way out, the Baxters encounter a rich multimedia star, Liz Anya and her business manager, and the celebrity decides to buy Raven's jacket for $10,000. Raven realizes that she can use the money to start her own design company to design clothes for people... as it was her dream.

Meanwhile, a phone number confusion causes people to keep calling the Raven's home phone ordering pizza. Levi keeps reminding them that it's not a pizza place. After realizing what's going on, Tess suggests that they should actually start making pizza for anyone who calls in order to bring in some extra cash. This works out well and they even manage to convince Chelsea to join the business. With Chelsea's help, the pizza becomes even more popular and they end up turning the apartment into some sort of a restaurant.

By the time Raven and Booker return home from their misadventures at the fashion show, they find the house turned into a fully functioning restaurant. Chelsea asks Raven to start helping out using the skills she learned from her dad's, Chill Grill.


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  • This was the ninth episode of the season filmed before a live audience
  • The title is a play on Best in Show, a "mockumentary" film about dog shows.
  • The Chill Grill was mentioned.
  • Booker pretends to be Raven's intern in front of Paisley, Raven will eventually acquire an actual intern in Season 2.
  • When Raven describes her idea of a gravy boat with a sail, she is alluding to the logo of Gravy Boat Productions, the company that produced the Disney Channel series A.N.T. Farm,
  • Although Eddie had initially believed he had picked a random pseudonym by spotting a passing plate of lasagna, apparently there exists a real media star named Liz Anya and Raven and Chelsea eerily impersonated her and her manager in the That's So Raven episode, If I Only Had a Job.
  • This will be the first time since the That's So Raven episode "Double Vision" that Raven has a simultaneous vision with another psychic.
  • This episode has similar plot points to the episode of That's So Raven, "If I Only Had a Job":
    • Raven has a vision of her dad getting fired from his job.
    • Raven disguises herself as Liz Anya while Chelsea and Eddie are her bodyguards to save her dad's job.
    • In the end, Victor is still fired but he manages to open up his own restaurant.
  • Raven's Home, "Vest in Show"
    • Booker has a vision of Raven getting fired from her job.
    • The genuine Liz Anya and her entourage appear, though Raven and Chelsea weren't disguised as them.
    • Raven sells her designer jacket to Liz Anya for $10.000.
  • Due to the family receiving multiple calls from people ordering pizza, Levi and Tess decided to open a restaurant in the Baxter home. Despite the fact that it’s illegal to do so without a license and because they highjacked the pizza delivery guy by making him an unwitting employee of theres.
  • Victor, Tanya, and Devon were all mentioned.


  • Both Raven and Booker have a double-vision of Raven getting fired.


Ma! It's not a burp if food comes out!
Tess to her mother

Booker Hey, Mom, you were right. Letting me paint on this extra vest was a good way of keeping me quiet while you work.

Raven Yeah, and it lasted a whole 45 seconds.

Levi Grayson I hope Auntie Rae doesn't get fired.

Tess Me too. Then she'll be here all the time. You know she can only take me in small doses.


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