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The only thing better than watching "Weirder Things" - is living it.

"Weirder Things" is the fifth episode in Season 2 of Raven's Home and the eighteenth overall. It first aired on July 3, 2018, to 0.90 million viewers.[1]



The kids win a contest to attend a private screening of their favorite TV show, but their plans are interrupted when Raven makes them babysit Dreamweaver Kema’s precocious niece.[2]

Full Plot

Nia, Booker, Levi and Tess are in the living room watching their favorite show, "Weirder Things." They are rewatching season 2 before the premiere of season 3 that night. They have got tickets to go to the premiere and meet the Weirder Things cast. Tess's mom will be driving them since Raven is getting her hair done and Chelsea has a bad fever that makes her hallucinate.

Raven kicks them out of the living room so that she can use the entire area to get her hair done by Dreamweaver Kema. They are forced to stay in Booker's bedroom. Tess then gets a text message saying that her mother can't drive them because her foot fell asleep. So, they ask Raven to take them. She tells them that she may be able to take them if they stay out of her hair so that she can get it done quickly. When Dreamweaver Kema finally arrives, she comes with her high-energy niece, Power. Kema turns out to be easily distracted by Power. So, Nia devises a plan for the kids to babysit Power to keep her away from distracting Raven and Dreamweaver. They take Power to their room so that they can continue watching their show. Mitch comes over and reveals that he's a big fan of the show. But they don't want him to watch with them. They're so hooked to the show that they can't even hear what he's saying. He eventually leaves.

Power turns out to be a nightmare. She refuses to just sit down and watch Weirder Things with them. So, after trying different things, Booker puts her in the closet. A few minutes later, she comes to tell them something but they're too busy watching their favorite show to listen to her. She goes back to the closet. Then, Booker gets a vision of Power in the Topsy Turvy world from Weirder Things and being almost attacked by Nerdidorken, the villain from the show. He tells Nia, Tess, and Levi about it but they don't believe him because there's no way Power would get to the fictional world. Booker insists that there must be a portal in the closet. They look in the closet and are shocked to find Power missing. After noticing the window in the closet, they use it to go down to look for Power.

The kids are surprised to arrive at a place that looks exactly like Topsy Turvy world from the show. They find the Nerdidorken trying to take Power. They offer to give him the most valuable things they have in exchange for Power. Nia gives him the phone with the premiere tickets. Tess gives him her favorite hat. Levi gives him a Nerdidorken action figure. When it comes to Booker's turn, he says his most valuable possession is his baby tooth and he won't give it away. He says that the baby tooth is the only thing that reminds him of his old self. So, the Nerdidorken starts fighting the kids. They start screaming.

After hearing the screams, Raven and Chelsea come over to rescue the kids. Raven unmasks the Nerdidorken and it turns out to be Mitch. Mitch says that he had told them that he is a big fan of Weirder Things and had decorated the boiler room using the Topsy Turvy world theme. He also reveals that he had invited them to come hang with him but they were too attached to the show. At that point, Raven confronts the kids too for tuning everyone out whenever they're watching that show. She complains that because of their shenanigans, she won't get her hair done in good time to take them to the premiere. The kids conclude that it is more fun hanging down there.

Mitch acts as if he's so touched that they are choosing to hang out there with him. But then, he reveals that he stole the premiere tickets from Nia's phone and is going to go use them.


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  • The kids' favorite show, Weirder Things, is a play on the Netflix series titled Stranger Things, and was originally called Weirder Stuff.
    • The character "Nerdidorken" from Weirder Things is a parody of "Demogorgon" from Stranger Things.
  • The original casting call for Power was for a boy.
  • A scene was cut where Power ties up the older kids.
  • The original title of this episode was "Weave Me Alone."
  • Even several months after this episode premiered, Issac Brown was unaware of the title change.
  • Casting calls were made for characters "Leroy" and "Tracy" who appeared but were not credited.
  • Raven mentioned her former The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg.
  • This episode premiered as part of the 2018 Disney Channel GO! Summer promotion.
  • This episode resembles the That's So Raven episode, "Taken to the Cleaners", when Raven was tuned in to her movie while she blocked out her mom.
  • Wendy Raquel Robinson was previously seen in the Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants, where she played Cruella De Vil.

International Premieres

  • July 30, 2018 (United Kingdom)


  • Booker gets a vision of Power being attacked by Nerdidorken.


Girl! Did you lose your comb in the divorce?
— Dreamweaver Kema to Raven
Kema, I am a Scut driver, not Mariah Hairy. I can't fit this in my car!
Raven to Dreamweaver Kema


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