I chose you both for a reason. I've known you kids since
you were little peanuts. And I know what you're made of.
Principal Kwan to Booker and Nia.

Winners and Losers is the twentieth episode in Season 2 of Raven's Home and the thirty-third overall. It first aired on November 16, 2018 to 0.81 million viewers.[1]



Baxter and Nia are excited when they’re named student Ambassadors of their school, that is until they learn that their first job is to welcome Mitch as a new student.[2]

Full Plot

Nia and Booker are excited to be named the new school ambassadors. Nia wants to be an ambassador because it would good for her records while Booker wants it because he will get special bacon breakfast with Principal Kwan every week. Principal Kwan oversees the handover ceremony during which the outgoing ambassadors - Zeena and The Guntz - hand over their blazers to the Baxter Twins. Booker and Nia also read the pledge to abide by the ambassador code of conduct of honesty and integrity, and vow to help any Peanut in need.

The twins' first task as the new school ambassadors is to welcome the new student - Mitch, their enemy. They don't want to do it because Mitch is annoying and irritating but Zeena and The Guntz remind them that if they mess up, they will lose their ambassadorship. They start helping Mitch and training him to be a nicer person. Instead of being nice, Mitch gets other students to like him by bribing them with stuff. He even invites them to his house to watch a movie together. Booker and Nia are surprised to see their friends at their apartment building - only to be disappointed that they are going to Mitch's place. The twins become insecure that they're losing their friends including Tess and even rivals like Zeena to Mitch. They conclude that Mitch is out to steal their friends.

To make matters worse, Booker gets a vision in which he sees Nia giving her ambassador blazer to Mitch. The twins conclude that Mitch is planning on stealing their ambassadorship from them as well. So, they come up with a plan to sabotage Mitch in front of Principal Kwan. First, they try to get on Principal Kwan's good side by gifting her with a potted plant which unknown to them starts overgrowing really fast because Raven overfed it. Second, they sneak in to steal the Peanut trophy and plant it in Mitch's locker so that he will be blamed for theft. Unfortunately, they get entangled by the overgrown plant which delays their plan.

Right after putting the trophy in Mitch's locker along with branches of the plant, the twins are almost busted by both Mitch and Principal Kwan. Mitch goes in to check what they were doing in his locker and finds the Peanut trophy covered in plant branches. The Baxter twins quickly call Mitch out for stealing. He denies putting it there but Principal Kwan isn't convinced. She says she will call Mitch's father. As the principal walks away, Mitch sadly tells Booker and Nia that his father has been threatening to send him to a military school; and this is just the push he needed. He says that he may seem like he wins all the time, but when he does lose, his losses are huge. The twins start feeling bad for framing him. Mitch tries to leave the locker but the plant destroys his shirt. Nia gives him her blazer to cover up the tear. That was Booker's vision.

Afterwards, the twins go to the principal's office and confess to framing Mitch. They admit that they don't deserve being ambassadors. Principal Kwan agrees but says that she chose them for a reason. She has known them since they were little "peanuts" and knows that they can make great ambassadors; and the fact that they came clean means that they're qualified. She allows Nia and Booker to remain as the school's ambassadors.

Meanwhile, Levi fakes being sick in order to stay home and work on his mother's garden. When Raven busts him, he says that ever since Chelsea left, no one has been taking care of the garden, causing the plants to start dying. He guilts Raven into volunteering to help him garden. Impatient with gardening rules, Raven lazily overfeeds some potted plants causing them to grow out of control really fast.


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  • This episode was filmed on May 25, 2018.
  • Chelsea is absent for the ninth time this season (production-wise Anneliese van der Pol misses nine consecutive episodes) although Raven does talk to her on the phone.
  • Kwan claims to have watched the twins grow up, indicating she has been affiliated with Carver for several years.
  • Zeena's surname and the full name of The Guntz were revealed.
  • Raven designs a flower-pot hat for Chance the Rapper.
  • Mitch's middle initial is "J."
  • This is Mitch's final appearance.
  • In the original script:
    • Tess' conversation with Curtis was with Levi.
    • Principal Kwan's surname was So.


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