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You're gonna get it!
— the main catchphrase in the episode.

"You're Gonna Get It" is the fifth episode in Season 1 of Raven's Home and the fifth episode overall. It first aired on August 18, 2017 to 1.44 million viewers.[1]



When Nia sneaks to school wearing makeup against Raven’s wishes, she draws the attention of the 8th-grade girls who invite her to hang out.[2]

Full Plot

Nia and Tess take Raven's makeup without her permission. Raven busts them while they're putting it on and asks them to turn around. They turn full circle, taking it as a joke. But Raven makes it very clear that Nia is way too young to be wearing makeup. Nia insists that she is old enough. Raven warns Nia that if she touches her makeup again, "she's gonna get it."

Despising her mom's warning, Nia sneaks in and puts on the makeup. The makeup makes her look more mature than she actually is. Things get even better when this cool eighth-grader, Shannon Reynolds notices Nia and mistakes her for an eighth-grader. Nia and Tess start hanging out with Shannon and other cool older girls. And it couldn't get any better. When the cool kids don't have a place to hang, Nia asks them to come and party at the roof deck above Raven's apartment.

When Booker gets a vision of Levi getting hurt in dodgeball during gym class, he decides to come over and help him. Lucky for him, the regular gym coach is not around. Instead, they have a sub, Coach Spitz who doesn't know that Booker is not a fourth-grader. The coach mistakes Booker's name for "Booger" and starts making fun of it. Booker outshines all the little 4th graders in dodgeball, impressing Coach Spitz. In the end, he realizes that he's taken the opportunity away from Levi. He tries to make things right with Levi by letting him take the ball. But then Levi hits him and wins the challenge.

Meanwhile, Chelsea visits Raven at work so that they can grab lunch together. It is during this visit that Chelsea realizes that Raven lied to her boss, Paisley that Nia and Booker are her puppies, not kids. Paisley insists on seeing Booker and Nia and even begs Chelsea to bring them over secretly but Raven doesn't let her. After getting back home, Raven and Chelsea get an unexpected call from Paisley saying that she's coming over. So, they're forced to borrow dogs from the neighborhood and pretend that the dogs are Nia and Booker.

Paisley arrives and watches Raven and Chelsea struggle to control the dogs. Things get awkward when the real Booker arrives from school and hears Raven giving him commands from another room. Chelsea asks Booker and Levi to hide under the table while Paisley is there. After managing to fool Paisley, Raven and Chelsea are disappointed when Paisley says that she's impressed by the dog love in the family and is planning to leave her puppies with them when going for her upcoming trip.

While Raven and Chelsea are dealing with the dog drama, Nia is upstairs on the roof deck with her cool friends. Raven hears the music and goes to check out who is having a party without inviting her. On her way up, the dog overpowers her and drags her up the stairs. She finds Nia with makeup on hosting the party.

Raven ends the party and confronts Nia for disrespecting her. Nia apologizes, saying that she doesn't know what got into her. She explains that she enjoyed the feeling of being grown up. So Raven reminds her that her decisions and actions are what make her character, not the makeup she wears. She tells Nia that although there's a lot of pressure for them to look a certain but she will always remind each other that they're beautiful. So they both clean they're makeup and Raven reminds Nia that she's grounded. She asks if it's for 3 weeks, but Raven was gonna say 2 but Nia did suggest it.


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  • It is revealed that Raven lied to Paisley that Booker and Nia are her puppies, not kids. Raven eventually tells Paisley the truth during the confrontation in Vest in Show when she finally quits the job.
  • The substitute Coach Spitz returns in Vending the Rules where he says that he's still a sub but is trying to get hired as a full-time coach.
  • Nia's tendency to defy her mother in order to look cool is seen again in All Sewn Up when she uses her money to buy an expensive jacket against Raven's advice.
  • Raven's catchphrase "You Gonna Get It" was said again in The Trouble With Levi when Raven and Chelsea get a call from the principal about Levi.


  • Raven got the job to work for Paisley after telling her she has two twin dogs named Booker and Nia.
  • This was the fourth episode of the season filmed before a live audience
  • This episode mainly aims at growing up, and how makeup is a part of that.
  • Feminism is also a key message mentioned, with Raven telling Nia that in the world we live in today, many people consider beauty rather than who they are as a person.
  • When Nia hallucinates Raven telling her "You gon' get it" at every corner, when she goes to Tess, Navia accidentally calls her "Kat". This is most likely a nickname she gave Sky as her last name is Katz.
  • Anthony Alabi prevously played  "Chester," in the "Stevie Likes Lindy" episode of I Didn't Do It.


  • Booker gets a vision of Levi getting hurt in dodgeball.


They're gonna destroy Levi. It's all my fault. Why am I so inspirational?
So, you know it's the way you act and the decisions you make that make you mature, not the makeup you wear.
Raven to Nia
Crafty. I didn't think about blocking Jessica's number!
Raven after Paisley told her that she made Jessica contact her on a Saturday.


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